What is Academic Life Coaching?

Frustrated Student

Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed?

Academic life coaching is a one-to-one collaboration between the coach and client that empowers that person to raise grades with less stress, and in the process experience the self-awareness needed to make their young life truly fulfilling. Most people mention tutoring when I talk about my work as an academic life coach. But there’s quite a difference between the two. A tutor helps a student learn about a specific subject. An academic life coach helps a student become a better, more efficient learner regardless of the subject.

Throughout the academic life coaching experience I help students:
• Discover their strengths and challenges as a learner
• Take ownership of their learning
• Learn and use multiple study techniques so they can improve their scores on assignments, quizzes, and tests
• Organize their work, space, and time so they can succeed in school and also have a life
• Build self-awareness of learning, thinking, and motivation styles so they can be successful learners in the classroom and at home
• Gain tools that empower them to become more resilient so they can be confident, thriving young people
• Develop personal leadership skills that enable them to be successful beyond the classroom